The Personal Events App finds events you care about and makes it easy to participate, all based on your preferences.

The DDUX system captures, analyzes, enriches and stores highly enriched event data and provides on demand user configuration, data sets, analytical tools and other resources. Our system stores event details such as topic, time, location, and participants - and it goes deeper to find connections between events, past, present and future.

Consumer users have the ability to find events they love and receive timely details and alerts - all based on their preferences.

Businesses, professionals and researchers can access curated event data sets, create models that analyze events and predict future events and outcomes.

The Risk Sensing App helps business find opportunities and better manage risks. Coming Soon!



Almost everyone has been asked: “What do you want to do tonight? Where should we take the kids this weekend? What’s happening nearby? What local events are happening this weekend? Can we listen to live music tonight somewhere nearby?” The DDUX events app helps you by continually scouring thousands of event sites for relevant events, making it easy for you to find, register and participate in events that you love.

Find events based on your preferences - the right time, place, cost, and type of event - whether it be family fun, individual sports events, personal development, farmers markets, festivals, concerts and more.

Add to your calendar, set up reminders and receive timely alerts to make your experience more enjoyable.

DDUX enables everyone to have their own personal event app - without programming skills.




We want to put the power of computing, data science and big data in the hands of the small business owners, artists and creatives, parents or anyone else without needing programming skills, analytics capabilities or access to large corporate budgets and infrastructure.

The marketplace provides businesses, professionals and researchers access to curated event data sets, event tools and access to predictive models that help you make better decisions, manage risk and find business opportunity.



Selling your data to is easy on the DDUX event marketplace. All you have to do is send us a list of data you want to sell and a small sample and we will contact you with details about selling your data sets on the marketplace. Placing your data for sell on the marketplace is free and our fees of 10% on sales can you make you cash flow positive from the beginning.


Finding event datasets, tools and services that will help you analyze, model and predict events and outcomes faster, cheaper and with more precision. Find event data and tools that you didnt know were available or request something new from the marketplace to assist with a current business problem or ongoing analysis.



Number of active feeds unlimited unlimited unlimited
Manage and tune your feed
Email integration
Feed sources   all free DDUX info sources     all personal DDUX info sources     all premium DDUX info sources  
Ad Free x
Make money from your feeds x x
Credits for subscriptions or data set purchases $10 $15 $50
DDUX queries 10 100 1,000
Storage space x x 100 GB
PRICING $0.00 $9.99 $49.99
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